Q: Do you accept Purchase Orders

A: Please send to sales@coolcop.com  Bulk discounts available.


Q:  Are bulk order discounts available?

A:  Please email your request to sales@coolcop.com


Q:  Will the "Universal" fit all vehicles?

A:  The Universal will fit most vehicles. The air vent needs to be less than 5 1/2" x 3 1/2" and not curved more than 1/2" as measured with a straight edge. Some installers use zip ties instead of the provided clips including round vents. I recommend adhesive backed rubber available on Amazon to block the spaces in larger vents. 


Q:  Can I make a return?  

A:  Yes, within 30 days of purchase, but only with all the parts and in re-sellable condition.  Shipping fees are not included. Please included a copy of your order and ship to 8020 Settlers Place Paso Robles, CA 93446 


Q:  I ordered the wrong CoolCop model.  Can I make an exchange? 

A:  Yes, within 30 days of purchase, with all the parts and in re-sellable condition.  Please include a return priority mail shipping label from www.USPS.com. Please ship to 8020 Settlers Place Paso Robles, CA 93446 and include a copy of your order. 


Q: I lost the screws to my Universal CoolCop.

A: The screws are available at any hardware store. The small Base Plate screws are" 6 X 7/16 Dry Wall". The Cup screws are "Allen screws 6-32 X 1-1/4" The Allen wrench is 7/64. (A socket driver works well for bulk installation)


Q:  The clip inside my CoolCop broke. Can I get a replacement clip?

A:  CoolCop features a lifetime warranty. Please email sales@coolcop.com with the model of CoolCop and your shipping address for a free clip replacement. Slide a flat screw drive in between the plates and twist for removal.


Q: Will the Universal model fit a Ford F-150 Police package truck?

A: The Universal model will work, but most officers find that using small zip ties to attach the Base Plate to the vent is easier than using the included clips.


Q:  I already have a CoolCop but now drive a different model vehicle.  Do I have to buy a whole new unit?  

A:  The Universal Vent Cup is available for individual purchase on the "Vent Cups" page. Please read the description for fitment. Exchanges of old models for new models is not available. 


Q:  Do you have any tips on installing the CoolCop with the Spring Clip?

A:  Install the cup in the space below the Air Diverter of the passenger vent. Identify the internal edge inside the vent with your flashlight. The right angle edge of the Spring clip attaches to the right angle edge inside the vent.

If the cup is cold from the weather at the time, you may try to use the car’s heater on A/C to soften the vinyl to make the cup more pliable.

Please do not force the CoolCop on or off. Slide the cup to right or left for removal. Instruction sheets are available.


Q:  How do I remove my broken clip assembly?

A:  Use a standard screw driver through the hose hole and in between the logo plate and the backing plate and twist.  The old clip will break free and you’re ready to install the new parts.


Q: Can a blast of cool air cause pneumonia?

A: “Don’t go out with that wet hair!” Most of us heard this advice growing up, from a parent who insisted that exposure to cold weather or a sudden chill could cause us to catch a cold, or worse!

It is bacteria and viruses, not cold air, that cause infections such as the common cold, influenza or pneumonia.

"Why then, do so many people seem to get sick in the cold, wet months of fall and winter"? It’s the colder seasons that keep many of us inside and at an increased risk of developing an infection.


Q: Is overheating really a problem?

A: According to Adam Kalkstein, an expert on heat at the U.S. Military Academy:

"Heat is already a leading cause of weather-related mortality across the country and is frequently called a 'silent killer' since its impacts on human health are often underestimated," Kalkstein said.

Heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat rash, diabetic reactions, fatigue and dehydration are all heat related issues.